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floorboards suffering from dry rot

Dry or wet rot and woodworm infestations damage timbers and, if not diagnosed correctly, can spread rapidly affecting the structural stability of your home. Multiskill have 40 years of experience in the detection and eradication of timber infestation.

The treatments we use include chemical sterilisation by irrigation, replacement of timber as necessary, re-plastering, and the protection of susceptible timber.

•  Chemical sterilisation

•  Protection of susceptible timber

•  Timber replacement if necessary

•  Ventilation protection

Our rot and woodworm treatment is just one of the treatments available from Multiskill. We also offer damp proofing, replacement cavity wall ties and structural strapping and carry out surveys on domestic, commercial and industrial properties in Yorkshire.

40 years' experience in woodworm and rot eradication

Effective woodworm treatments

A complete solution

Just one of the specialist treatments available from Multiskill

Woodworm is a general term for several species of wood boring beetles and weevils.

For effective timber, rot and woodworm treatments, call:

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Effective treatments for the eradication of

wet and dry rot and woodworm

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