Dry rot in timber

Perfect weather for dry rot & wet rot

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Much as we’re loving the sunshine, unfortunately the current weather conditions are perfect for allowing wet and dry rot to thrive. 

A deluge of rain followed warm summer days creates the ideal environment for both wet rot and dry rot to take hold, creating issues with damp.

We’re members of the Property Care Association, and Steve Hodgson, Chief Executive had this to say on the favourable conditions for timber rot:

“Both wet rot and dry rot can both appear from nowhere. Often, they start to emerge from hidden places like behind radiators or under floorboards, leaving householders unaware at first of the issue. Homes which have been left empty or uninhabited are also vulnerable.

“Wet rot is caused by wood being in contact with damp masonry. Exposure to high levels of water over long periods leads to a natural breakdown process, seen in all natural organic materials.

“Wet rot is commonly seen on untreated wood exposed to the elements, such as window frames, and it will not spread beyond the area of dampness.

“Dry rot can be more of a problem. The name is a bit confusing as a moisture content in excess of 20 per cent is needed before it will develop. Dry rot fungus is capable of spreading a considerable distance and can affect timber away from its original source. They can only do this if the masonry or covering plasterwork is damp.

“The source of the problem is excess moisture entering a property. Broken roof tiles, blocked gutters and leaking water pipes, as well as poor ventilation of timber surfaces, can provide sources of excess moisture.”

Issues with damp can affect a property’s structure if not addressed. Although basic property maintenance is normally all that’s required to dry out affected timber, if the fabric of the building is allowed to remain wet then wood decay can become a serious problem.

If you have concerns about wet or dry rot, get in touch with Multiskill. We’ll visit your property (or properties) free of charge and provide a diagnosis and full report.