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Is your property suffering from horizontal cracks in your walls?  This could indicate cavity wall tie failure. You need help from Multiskill of Yorkshire. We use metal detectors and endoscopic cameras to make an accurate diagnosis before we carry out any corrective work.

Working in conjunction with your allocated structural consultant, we'll install a variety of corrective structural strapping, stitching and bolting.

• Replacement of corroded cavity ties

• Isolation of existing ties

• Stainless steel double anchor bolts

• Corrective structural strapping

All the specialist treatments carried out by us, including cavity wall ties, damp proofing and woodworm treatments, plus our basement conversions, have the benefit of a 20 year guarantee, which is issued upon settlement of our invoice.

Making an accurate diagnosis

Working with consultants

To British Building standards

Fully guaranteed for 20 years

We diagnose whether the wall ties have failed due to corrosion and specify the correct type of replacement and fixings based on the construction of your wall.

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