Condensation on a window

DIY tips to prevent condensation

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Condensation can be a problem in both period and brand new homes, and is often mistaken for something more sinister, like rising damp. However, in many cases condensation is both easy to fix and easy to prevent. So how does it happen and what can you do to avoid it? How does condensation form? Air contains moisture, and warm air …

Chimney damp

Fix that damp chimney for Christmas!

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Only 13 more sleeps until Christmas! The big day is nearly here – so think of Santa and sort out that damp chimney! Chimneys are more exposed than any other part of a building, so it’s no surprise that they frequently suffer from damp. Chimney damp has various causes, including rain (which can come down the flue of an uncapped …

Damp and mouldy wall

How to avoid damp proofing scams and other swindles this Christmas

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Sadly, we have met several customers who have fallen victim to damp scams. The story is always the same – the homeowner has spotted signs of damp, called in a so-called damp specialist to fix it, only to find the problem returns. When we are finally called in, we discover that the damp problem was misdiagnosed by the original company …

Phillip at Multiskill Conditioning House

Conditioning House, Bradford

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We’ve been lucky enough to look around the historic Conditioning House on Canal Road in Bradford several times recently. As experts in damp and timber treatments, we’ve been asked to survey the building by Priestley Construction, with a view to chemical treatment to all timbers. Priestley Construction is the building contractor on this huge and prestigious job. Priestley Construction is …

mould and damp in rented properties

A landlord’s responsibilities for damp and mould

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As a landlord, it’s your legal responsibility to make sure your property is free of damp and mould. A survey of 4,500 tenants on behalf of Shelter and British Gas found that almost half had lived in a property with damp, mould or both in the past year. Here at Multiskill, we do see a lot of confusion about who’s …

Dry rot in timber

Perfect weather for dry rot & wet rot

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Much as we’re loving the sunshine, unfortunately the current weather conditions are perfect for allowing wet and dry rot to thrive.  A deluge of rain followed warm summer days creates the ideal environment for both wet rot and dry rot to take hold, creating issues with damp. We’re members of the Property Care Association, and Steve Hodgson, Chief Executive had …

Cavity wall insulation problems

The problem with cavity wall insulation

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Background Insulation providers have traditionally struggled to persuade people to spend their own money on well-designed, properly installed energy saving measures. To counter this, various government subsidies have been made available over the past twenty years. However, this has created what the Property Care Association describes as a ‘gold rush’ mentality amongst some speculative contractors. As one scheme starts, contractors …